Lakefront Wedding With An Emotional Surprise | Lake Winnipesaukee, NH

October 14, 2021

They say rain on your wedding day is good luck, but for Nicole & Nick, their Lake Winnipesaukee wedding came with an extra dose of something special.

I had been closely watching the forecast in the days leading up to N&N’s lakefront nuptials, warning the couple that thunderstorms were a high probability. Rain might not leave much room for outdoor photo sessions, but I have a bit of a reputation for catching rainbows. Little did I know that for Nicole, rainbows have come to symbolize her late mother.

As predicted, N&N’s wedding day at Church Landing at Mill Falls began with some torrential downpours (nothing a few clear umbrellas couldn’t handle!). There were some waterworks inside during the ceremony, too, thanks to a few tearfully heartfelt moments. Nicole walked down the aisle with a wedding bouquet that held her grandmother’s and mother’s wedding rings, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house as N&N shared their wedding vows under a round arch adorned with white blooms.

A quick gap on the radar meant at 15-minute window for outdoor photos. Miraculously we got everything – including shots of the families and bridal party – so we could all head into cocktail hour happy.

Suddenly, in the middle of drinks, the rain paused for a moment and gave way to the most gorgeous pink and purple clouds. Friends and family were on the lookout for that rainbow, to no avail. But as we began to transition to the party, guests began pointing and crying out.

Out in the distance, over the mountains and the serene waters of Lake Winnipesaukee, a rainbow appeared. Full. Chills.

The happy couple, their friends and family danced the evening away knowing Nicole’s mother had been there to celebrate their love – to the moon and back.



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